ADK Northwoods LLC

A Gathering Place for Friends and Family.


The world has seen challenging times lately, and many have needed to dig deep to reach resources for endurance. Stress takes a toll on both body and mind, but healing and renewal are at the heart of ADK Northwoods. Recalling the bear that watched over the lodge in our grandfather, Loren Eddy's day, we are bringing the spirit of the bear back, to help inspire others. That bear — symbolic of courage, protection, leadership, and the sweetness of life  — stands strong at the center of our newly-designed circular dance floor. At ADK Northwoods, we support these values, bringing them to you through ceremony, celebration, and education.

Class offerings available from our wellness and healing arts practitioners include herbalism, sound healing, energy medicine, yoga, drum and rattle building, mindfulness, mediumship, and animal communication. The Northwoods family welcomes you to ground yourself in this safe and loving space for the soul to expand.

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