ADK Northwoods LLC

A Gathering Place for Friends and Family.


We know picking a location for your special event can be hard, we are here to make it easy

Below are just some of the few events you can hold at ADK Northwoods:

Wedding Rental Fee - $4600
Along with an additional $500 damage/excessive clean up deposit, which is refundable under a signed contract terms & condition.

Rental Fee for Weddings covers a two-hour set-up the evening before and wedding day until 11:30 PM. Last call and music must be done by 10:30 PM. With a Sunday am final pick-up time.

Ceremony on site is available. ($500)

For more pricing on Education/ Mindful classes and other special events contact ADK Northwoods.

We require an event insurance policy for the day of your event for no less than a $2,000,000 liability. ADK Northwoods LLC named as additional insurer on policy.

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